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Top 12 Christmas Gifts for Him & Her

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With Christmas just around the corner, everyone is out looking for the best gifts for their loved ones. Engravings, customization, and monograms provide the perfect personal touch for any gift. Coming up with unique, personalized gifts can be time consuming – so we’ve developed a list of top gifts for this year’s giving seasons.
Top 6 Christmas Gifts for Him:
Personalized Bar & Pub Glass Set
Personalized Bar & Pub Glass Set
Customize glasses, mugs, or other barware with his favorite team, college, or colors!
Customized glasses to drink beer in are definitely a step up from red solo cups. I’m sure he’ll love offering his friends a cup especially if it’s personalized with the name of his man cave. It’s the little things that can make him feel like a king.
Personalized iPhone Case
iPhone Case
Maybe this will ease the sting of the “no electronics in the bedroom” rule. Your phone can look as good as you honey, just not in between the sheets. Personalize his iPhone case with his favorite colors, patterns, etc.
Personalized Pocket WatchPersonalized Pocket Watch
There’s something about men and their trinkets. They love being able to play successful businessman. Feed his ego and his imagination with this Draper-esque vintage pocket watch. He might even be able to pass it on to his son or something and tell him “time is money,” or some such lame cliché.  Customize a pocket watch with his name, initials, or memorable sentiment.
Personalized Cross NecklaceCross Necklaces
Personalize a cross necklace with his initials, or someone special in his life for a thoughtful gift.
Personalized Autographed NASCAR PhotoAutographed NASCAR PictureWho can sit for hours and watch cars drive in circles? He can. Who has saved a box of Jeff Gordon Wheaties with the cereal still in it? He has. Let’s face it, he’s crazy about NASCAR, and you’re crazy about him. Here’s the perfect gift: get him a personalized NASCAR autograph by his favorite driver!
Personalized Money ClipPersonalized Money Clip
He says he carries cash because he always wants to be prepared. You only use a debit card. Your differences really bring you together. Show him you appreciate his style with this money clip. He can pretend to be Nucky Thompson from Boardwalk Empire, even though your man carries Jackson’s and not Benjamin’s. Feed his inner-vintage-gangster and customize the money clip with his name, initials, a special date, or movie quote: “You can’t be half a gangster.”
Top 6 Christmas Gifts for Her
Personalized Friends Picture FramePersonalized Picture Frame
There’s nothing girls like more than framing pictures.  Especially one’s where they look cute and their friends only look okay.  Now she can memorialize those special moments with a frame customized just for her.  Choose from a variety of great frames personalized with her favorite color, name, message, or even have it match her eyes! (Unless they’re brown. Girls don’t like brown things.)
Personalized Tote BagsCustom Tote Bags
Have you ever met a woman who thinks she has too many bags? Of course not. She can always use a new one, especially one personalized to her own sense of style and customized with a name or monogram.  Plus this tote bag is roomy enough to carry around that notebook she’s always writing down things she wants you to do in.
Personalized iPhone CasesCustom iPhone Case
“OMG, I just love the custom iPhone case you got me! It’s the most amazing gift!”
“LOL! U like it?!”
“An iPhone case personalized with my name, favorite colors, and an amazing pattern? You bet I luv it! Thank u so much!”
“NBD. There were dozens of different styles and colors to choose from, but I knew that one was totally you!”
Personalized Pashmina Scarf
In addition to framing pictures, girls also love to complain about being cold.  As a gentleman, I’m sure you happily lend your coat when appropriate, but it’d be much easier to say “where’s that lovely, pink Pashmina scarf I had monogrammed with your initials?” Not only is it a thoughtful gift, it’s functional too!
Personalized water bottleWater Bottles
Help her save the environment and stay organized with a reusable water bottle.  No more generic giveaway bottles either that other people might take by accident.  These “Go-Girl” water bottles are perfect for the active woman, personalized with her name and an image to reflect what she loves to do.  Choose from 10 different varieties, and even pick your own hair color!
Personalized Royal Pillow CasePillow Cases
Not only do customized pillow cases deter robbers from taking them, but they’re also a helpful reminder of which side of the bed is yours.  Customize them with special names so you and your Queen can dream of living happily ever after in your castle.  Now you just need someone to bring you breakfast in bed.

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